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Focusing on bio-pharmaceuiticals

Incorporated in 2001, Virchow Biotech Private Limited(VBPL), the bio-pharmaceutical company of the group focuses on the manufacture of a wide range of biologicals and bio-generics by genetic engineering or classical fermentation. VBPL's achievements include being the first to commercialise in India the bio-generic of the only genetically engineered product for wound healing (PDGF) to have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Currently the product portfolio consists of four products with five other recombinant bio-generics in pi peline. VBPL's GMP certified facilities consist of five independent production suites, which when fully complete will have a total built-up area of 1,25,000 sq. ft. The facilities are equi pped to manufacture products ranging from oral biologicals, recombinants to parenteral bio-pharmaceuticals. The equi pment include Fermentors (3 lt. to 1000 lt.), Preparative HPLC systems, Ultrafiltration units, Lyophilizers, Pre-filled syringe lines, etc. The facilities also include a fully equi pped Animal Research Facility that routinely undertakes Acute, Sub Chronic and Chronic preclinical toxicology trials. VBPL also monitors and conducts large multi-centric clinical trials and is a Govt. of India recognised R&D centre.

Product Portfolio

OSTEOTIDE (Teriparatide/PTH)
Injectable for treatment of osteoporosis

Injectable for treatment of Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C

Topical product indicated for the treatment of chronic non healing full thickness neuropathic diabetic ulcers.

HYOPT (Sodium Hyaluronate B.P. - Ocular Grade):
Viscodispersive for the use in Intra ocular surgeries.

HYORTH (Sodium Hyaluronate B.P. - Orthopaedic Grade):
Viscosupplement for the treatment of Osteoarthritis.