Virchow Petrochemicals Private Limited

Virchow Petrochemical Private Limited was incorporated in June, 2003. The Company purchased the total unit of M/s Ambuja Petrochemicals Limited through the Official Liquidator, Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. The company was renamed as M/s Virchow Petrochemical Private Limited.

The unit is located in Patancheru, 40 KMs from Hyderabad City and also from International Airport and situated in an approved Industrial Estate (TSIIC). The extent of land is 50 acres. The entire plant area is covered with various species of trees viz. Neem, eucalyptus, subabul, casuarinas and others.

M/s Virchow Petrochemical has proposed to go for product mix to manufacture GCLE 300 MT/month and proposed to reduce the other existing products in such a way that the pollution load is not increased. Thus we have fulfilled the guideline that “No increase in Pollution load and production capacity.” we have incorporated most environment friendly technologies in the process of GCLE.